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  • Maintaining A Good Looking Lawn


    Mow regularly to keep your lawn in healthy condition. The blade setting should be on high rather than low to encourage new growth. If the blade height is set too low, grass will become weakened and enables weeds to become established, if too high and not cut regularly, coarse grass can become dominant. In periods of growth, the average lawn should be cut to a height of 2.5cm and 3cm in slow growing periods.


    To maintain your lawn over dry summer months it is essential to water it. A good soaking once a week in summer will be sufficient.  Light sandy soils may require watering every two days. A sprinkler system or soaker hose is the most efficient way to water lawns. Should you be away from home for an extended period for a small charge I can ensure your lawn is watered, providing no council water bans in place


    Feed every 2-3 months to keep your lawn growing strong and to suppress weeds.

    I am happy to provide you with a quote if required.